Is Yahoo Really That Terrible?
Whats The Deal With Yahoo and Bing

Detroit - The search engine game is a tricky one. Getting to the top of the search engines has always been the goal of independent business, both big and small. Google has jumped up to the top of the list as being the best search engine available. This leaves its competitors, Yahoo and Bing in second, and third places respectively. That being said, there are some things you need to know about the search engine game.

Yahoo and Bing are pretty much the same. Bing, which is owned by Microsoft, powers the Yahoo search engine. There are slight differences between the two search engines when it comes to the SERPS, (search engine result pages). However, the results are not very accurate. We have found that both of these search engines will pull up results for the content we made..... TEN YEARS AGO. This isn't very helpful when we are looking for current results. It does serve a purpose as it gives you more variety in search engines. But Yahoo and Bing are not the first goto choice when it comes to searching for something.

We were surprised that Yahoo was picking up old content, and listing it in their search engine results. Some of the articles and event notifications went back for many years. This was the first things that came up on our search results.


Google has been the top search engine when it comes to searching for things online. But Google is very selective. It will only accept 14% of all websites in its index. Some of the experts online that tend to get great results will tell you that that the number is smaller than that. They will tell you that only 8% of all websites get indexed into Google. I don't have the specific numbers that but I can tell you that it is fairly small.

The only way around this is to give Google content that can be indexed. This can be anything from videos, PDF, artwork, articles, press releases, and original written content. The reason why Google has more control in the content area is that it owns two online publishing platforms.

  • Youtube
  • Blogger

The tools that create web video is Youtube. It is a video directory and is called the second largest search engine next to Google. Now Google owns it, and anything that you publish on it will help you gain more online attention. Google also owns Blogger. This is Google's online blog platform. Anything you create on these platforms should link back to your main website, for more online attention. In most cases, your search engine results will improve. 

But keep in mind that Blogger isn't nearly as powerful as it used to be. Google has scaled back its effectiveness, the tools are not slick and fast as they used to be. The Blogger blogs themselves are not very flashy. This never used to be the case. Google had another tool, called Google+, which they recently discontinued. There was a time when these tools were super sharp. and the content that you published on them was visible online. 

There has been a push for Google to charge for ads. At the end of the day, this is what they want all of its users to do. But that doesn't mean that you cannot use these tools to get attention.

You need to get niche content to grab the Google crawler bots to your websites and company information. I suggest that you will want to write your content about your services and your audience. You want to get to readers' brains and write about the things that they deem important.

So to summarize the pecking order of the search engines remains as follows: 

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

Even though Yahoo and Bing are more or less the same Google rules above them all. It is the most accurate. But you will want to pay attention to the kinds of content you want to display for it. Google tends to take video very seriously since they own There are also sitemaps made especially for videos. You will need to include all of the different sitemaps in your hosting folder.

Okay... that's enough of that for now.


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