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The Heart Of The Marketing Is Alive And Well

DETROIT - This collection of writings is to help the business owners out there who are facing trouble with the shutdown and the coronavirus. These will be an uncensored view of how to market yourself during these uncertain times. These are essential readings. It will be filled with the kinds of tips, secrets, and straight forward business talk that should be included in every serious newspaper and marketing magazine. For that reason, we have decided to call it the Sunday Edition

Straight Business Talk and No Tech Stuff

The Sunday Edition is just a name. In fact, is not even written on a Sunday. However, it does come out once a week and it is filled with all sorts of helpful ideas, and insight. I am the publisher. I have served in 5 major markets in Advertising including Chicago, and New York City. 

The idea to create this kind of straight forward talk is because it is what every serious business owner should be reading. Often times the business owner is too busy to have this conversation and will delegate it to a "middle man" in the company. They will pay someone to filter out this critical insight to see if its valuable enough to pass on to the business owner. And this is where the trouble begins.

The "middle man", more often than not, is a primadonna who wants to be the next "me". Usually, he will grab all of my marketing secrets and either try to be my next competitor or take all the credit for himself. We have seen our marketing material used internally and have seen some companies implode. That is not a good thing.

So with that being said. I personally implore you to read our material. Get some insight and then make some smart decisions on how to proceed. This will help you and us at the same time. This doesn't require you to get on the phone with us. We have kept the writings down to a layman's level. We rarely get complicated with technical jargon.

Another Reason To Love Us

We won't bother you for Meetup Groups, (who wants to meet up now during a corona virus?) or early morning breakfast groups, or bar nights. I am amazed at how many people are still doing this type of time-wasting activity. Getting social is great when it's necessary. But time is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you have. If you have a busy family life, like me, then you will appreciate that time is important. It is not something you treat lightly.

Pretty much everything you need to know will be found in these pages. This is a grassroots approach to advertising. We are not going to do big media blasts for our work and services. The concepts we present here will confuse you at first and require you to ask questions. And that is okay. That is why we created this format. We have found that when we do advertising it has only attracted other marketing firms who want to be us. They take our ideas, and then imitate us poorly, and poison the pond.

Check-in with us every week and get on our email list. We will direct you to new concepts, great marketing books, podcasts, free insight, and more. We guarantee you will not find anything else out there like this in print. We won't fill up your time with fluff. Our articles are insightful and will save you time in research, save money, and help you build up a stronger marketing presence.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not going to make these pages search engine friendly. In the past, this has lead to a wide range of intellectual property theft from our competitors. When it comes to having technical discussions about the nuts and bolts of online marketing we will be sending out timely emails. The articles are online for you to view and there is no cost to view them. We are here to help and to make this a friendly experience.

Okay, now let's get to work and make BIG STUFF HAPPEN!


Ted Cantu

Publisher, Marketer, Author


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