AT LAST - We Cut Out The B.S. And Show You How To Get Sales
Stop talking to online BOTS and throwing your money away on ads that don’t convert or produce real house sales.The new rules of Facebook marketing will have you flushing your money down the drain.

New Real Estate Agent Coaching Program Shows You How To Get Qualified Prospects While...

* ZERO Facebook ads
* Avoiding Google ad spend
* No tiresome meet ups
* Wallpaper the web with your brand and messages

Stop hobnobbing with the clueless and get attention from your ideal house buyers. Imagine no more wasted mornings going to lifeless rooms with people who don't care about what you're selling.


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Robet DeNiro asks a valid question when he asks, “Are you talking to me?… well who the %$# are do you think YOU’RE talking to?”. The truth is when you are interacting with people on your Instagram, Facebook and other social media you could be talking to just about anybody. We encountered a lot of confusion when we contacted our leads on social media. Most of these accounts were run by kids, or hired help who just like what we posted. The actual business owners of these accounts didn’t even know who we were when we called!

Avoid the pitfalls of this social media and let us show you HOW to get real interested house buying clients.

PRE RECORDED MESSAGE Call me at 1-888-305-2532

You have seen our postcard and flyers and it brought you here. Welcome to IMPACT Real Estate Marketing. There are a gazillion marketing coaching programs out there so why is this one so special? That should be the first thing in your mind right now as you look through our site.

Well… first of all, this program is very unique in the sense that we have figured out THE SURE WAY to get your real estate content delivered on the web in as little as 24 hours. That’s not just Youtube videos, (those actually take just 15 minutes to get on page 1 of Google). I am talking about your written web content that communicates to your ideal customer delivered on Page 1 of GOOGLE…. WITH NO ADS.

That sounds a bit absurd and unrealistic I suppose and it should. The results are uncanny. When we were all locked up in Covid-19 in our houses I still went to work. I built an online magazine and wrote reviews for movies, rock bands and all things to do with entertainment and something wonderful happened…..

My content was getting on page 1 of Google in just 48 hours and then I was getting it down to just 24 hours!
I am talking about a web site domain that was new and not aged. In fact, I broke all the rules
and did things my way.

I didn’t have to use mobile pages – I didn’t have to conform to some bizarre standard or buy tons of social media ads. In fact, there are problems with those and we will get into that a bit later. The bottom line was that I did things MY WAY… and along with that went full artistic integrity, no ugly boxy pages with no soul…. I went ALL OUT and ignored the experts and wouldn’t you know – Google liked it.

Finally I decided to share my knowledge with the rest of the world with a few exceptions. I didn’t advertise my services in the traditional sense because I didn’t want to attract tire kickers, and wannabe marketers who want to imitate me poorly.

I will go into my full history of my beginnings and background in this site but for now you want to know if I can REALLY HELP YOU…. Because, that is why we are here.

I have worked with real estate professionals in the past, I have helped sell homes and have powerful testimonials. And we will get into that too but for now I have something that I want you to do.

GET THE FREE STUFF – Grab all the FREE GOODIES I have for you by filling out the order form to show your interest. Feel free to give us some insight about your business with any sort of questions you may have.


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