Ted Cantu - SEO THE WIN - Search Engine Optimization, page 1 Google Results, New York City, We get page 1 Google results consistently, and we take no short cuts. Get yourself the page 1 respect you need and deserve with
Ted Cantu - SEO THE WIN - Search Engine Optimization, page 1 Google Results, New York City, We get page 1 Google results consistently, and we take no short cuts. Get yourself the page 1 respect you need and deserve with
Ted Cantu - SEO THE WIN - Search Engine Optimization, page 1 Google Results, New York City, We get page 1 Google results consistently, and we take no short cuts. Get yourself the page 1 respect you need and deserve with
Ted Cantu - SEO THE WIN - Search Engine Optimization, page 1 Google Results, New York City, We get page 1 Google results consistently, and we take no short cuts. Get yourself the page 1 respect you need and deserve with
Ted Cantu - SEO THE WIN - Search Engine Optimization, page 1 Google Results, New York City, We get page 1 Google results consistently, and we take no short cuts. Get yourself the page 1 respect you need and deserve with
Ted Cantu - SEO THE WIN - Search Engine Optimization, page 1 Google Results, New York City, We get page 1 Google results consistently, and we take no short cuts. Get yourself the page 1 respect you need and deserve with
Ted Cantu, SEO, Copywriter, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, New York, Chicago, Metro Detroit, East Bay California


We took a brand new web domain for $5 bucks and transformed it into a page 1 website in just 24 hours. Seeing is believing, and we have the proof right here** If you have to have your message out quickly and need to get your product or service in front of the right people, this is the way to go.

We grabbed a cheap web domain from a top Domain Provider, built a simple website, and threw it on the server. Voila, within 24 hours, we appeared on page one of Google. Where some SEO companies will have to wait weeks or months to appear on the search engines, we appeared right away. 

We can get these types of results for your company too. Imagine what kind of a difference it will make for you when you have this kind of visibility.

We took a new web domain, built a site and it ranked on Google in 24 hours, New York, City, Boston, East Bay California, Ted Cantu, The Win

“Your Business NEEDS A Nonconformist, No Holds Barred --- Marketing Rebel …”

...and...WHY IS THAT?

Because MOST of the GIANT advertising, marketing, SEO, and copywriting agencies are managed by second-generation YES MEN in grey suits!

And worse, the very sad truth is these smooth talking middle men are not even getting you what you REALLY WANT….. RESULTS!
Their copywriting is dismal at best. Their designs simply don’t work and their strategies are often unproven. Their idea of branding is costing you time, ruining your year, and worst – wrecking your bottom line. Not only is your marketing budget being abused but you are leaving your market share in the hands of your competitors.


You need talent and not just an average marketer who treats the web like a hobby. Instead you need someone like me who studied David Ogilvy Belfort, Hopkins, Kennedy, Caples, Barnum and more. And that, my friends, is exactly what you have here….. I am a culmination of these talents!

What do you get from Ted Cantu and THE WIN? Here’s a few facts. The figures below are real numbers.

ONLINE PRESENCE: We took a real estate company in the East Bay, California area from zero web presence to sitting on top of a 183 Million search. That is page 1 on Google with ZERO AD SPEND.

YOUTUBE DOMINATION: We take companies with zero online Google presence and stack up web videos in popular niche spaces. The result is complete online web domination on Youtube and Google. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

DAZZLING SALES COPY: Many companies are so busy talking about themselves in generic terms that – THEY FORGET TO SELL! Well stop being invisible and allow your competition to eat your lunch. Take control of the situation and turn it around with page after page of mind bending, life changing sales copy that drives dollars, commitments and SALES

WE BUILD TRAFFIC SYSTEMS: Stop competing with your competitors. Instead branch out and plant your web media in places where your audience is searching. We create an avalanche of back links to drive eyeballs back to your website and create more revenue for you night and day. Put your business on automated pilot and create consistent lead flow to your front door.

Are you looking to make more money in your business? Forget side hustles and quick gimmicks to get your audience attention. You deserve more returns, more high dollar return and increases from your advertising efforts.

Contact me right now, I promise to show you how to leverage, build and grow your business into a customer generating machine. I will show you how to get a solid edge on your market space rapidly, elegantly, with ease and get quick results.

Stop struggling with marketing woes, and tiring failed gimmicks. Get a hold me right now for sales copy and marketing strategies that mystify, stuns and wins over your audience. Hire me for exciting copywriting, advertising, marketing, consultation and to put on your staff.

To get the ball rolling contact me immediately by clicking here – and you will be taken to a page with contact info so you can get us right away.

Here's to an awesome future together,
Ted Cantu – THE WIN


We are experiencing incredible growth rates with our SEO. We take brand new web domains and then get brand new websites ranked on page one of Google in about 48 hours. We have actually done this over night in some cases !! ** Get your google rankings here >>>>>


 Hey there – I know what you’re thinking…. Whats an Ex-Art Director from the world of Advertising doing helping out Main Street America businesses like yours make a REAL IMPACT in the marketplace? I could have stayed in Corporate America and worked with big brands like Coca Cola, WWE, Capital Records, and many others and just taken the big money.

….. But what good what that do for the serious minded business owners? They would be victims for to the typical cogs in the machinery like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, BNI, LBN, Meetup Group and basically drinking coffee, (very politely) with broke people.

That’s not a good day at the office – trust me – I did all of the above. I got stories to tell you about all of that – some of it is funny, some of it is tragic – but I got experience that not too many other people have. I did the work. I got the results and made a choice to break out of it and help serious minded business owners like you.

I created – THE WIN.

Ted Cantu, Master Marketer, Solutions, Online SEO, Sales Coaching, and Pre-written Online Content
Ted Cantu Art Director, Worked For WWE, Coca Cola, FCB, MTV, Leo Burnett, Star Wars, Kraft and Many More

Our History

You are in good hands. Unlike the multitudes of overnight "marketing experts" who claim they were "big in the '90s," I, Ted Cantu was there in the trenches. I worked the big halls of advertising in Chicago and New York City. I worked on accounts like Star Wars, Coca Cola, Capital Records, WWE, Foote Cone and Belding, Citibank, Unilever, Leo Burnett, MTV, and many more.

I watched advertising companies flop in Stamford, Detroit, and Chicago that would not keep up with the digital marketing curve. So now I am showing Main Street American businesses how to get a digital education and stay up on top of the search engines.

Get real B2B connections, SEO results, sales coaching, and copywriting help for your business. With TED CANTU AND THE WIN


Only THE WIN connects you to your best lead source, helps your SEO, fixes your sales approach, and creates compelling sales copy for your business. Big business organizations just take your money and take you for a ride. We took our clients from zero web presence to a 40% search engine visibility. I use powerful strategies to create a real presence to make you stand out in your industry.

Watch the Video

Now you can get free web mobile videos for your business – go to they rank  on the first page in Google in just 15 minutes. Call 248-277-6141

Ted Cantu SEO - Page 1 Results - We Beat 86 Million Pages



Our system over delivers. Ever since we created, THE WIN, we have taken business owners just like your to incredible heights. We take YOU the top pages of Google and bring YOU the best lead sources.

Digital Marketing

Keep up with the best digital marketing strategies. Get on the inside track!

Sales Coaching

We show you how to sell, pitch your best idea and close the deal!

Sales Copywriting

We prepare your sales offer in print so that it gets attention!

Content Creation

You get a mobile SEO web site that actually ranks on Google and gets attention!

Your Best Lead Source

Get connected to your best lead source on Google. We cross promote local businesses. 

Media Buying

We offer online web traffic for as little as 10 cents a click!

We are Professionals

With over 30 years of advertising experience, we continue to wow the crowd. We are dedicated to keeping your brand identity to the front of the search engines. We will offer strategy intensives that will focus on your SALES, COPYWRITING, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, and by INDUSTRY. We will show you how to drive your brand online and how to connect to the right people.

Ideas & Plans

Do you have a big vision? You don't need to have a multi-thousand-dollar web domain to get on top of the search engines. Before you spend a fortune on website domains, come and talk to us first - 248-277-6141.

Prompt Strategies

Some of our media RANKS live on page one of GOOGLE in just 15 minutes! Imagine your brand and identity going live on page 1 of Google and Youtube. Our mobile websites will rank on page 1 of Google in about a week. The more content you have the better off we will be.

Ted Cantu and Leanne Amaral, your ticket to online success, Stamford, Connecticut, Norwalk, New Haven, Stratford, Bridgeport, Milford, Detroit, Michigan, Chicago, East Bay California

Watch the Video

We have testimonials from clients all across the country. One of our best real estate students is talking about what we did for his business. We expanded his online presence and led him to sales in real estate in Michigan. 

Money Making Advice

It all comes down to strategy. It would help if you had advice from someone who has done time in the field. Giving you rock-solid guidance is all part of your membership.

Power Branding

Do you know how to make your brand stand out? Forget the traditional things like tri-folded brochures and direct mail. Instead, we think outside the box and create real momentum for you that attracts attention.

Our Features

You get all of these core marketing tools with your annual membership.

My content was getting on page 1 of Google in just 48 hours and then I was getting it down to just 24 hours!
I am talking about a web site domain that was new and not aged. In fact, I broke all the rules
and did things my way. We stay ahead of the curve with the latest digital marketing software and techniques. 

Are you struggling with writing headlines and crafting the right messages for your audience? I have been making sales copywriting now for 20 years. I can write in multiple styles to get the right tone for your audience. Copywriting is salesmanship in print, and creating the right words is essential for success.

Everything you know about building a brand is wrong. Think about it. Everyone around you in business is suddenly speaking at once. You have to stand out and become memorable and reach the right kind of people who can afford your stuff. So let's work together and get it right.

Too many businesses I meet have nothing more than a business card and a website. They have zero inroads to bring in new clients or a variety of sales letters to create new business. Too many business owners I meet give away 30-minute free consultations. The practice of giving away time eats away at their billable hours. Together we can fix this and make your business more profitable.

I meet people week in and week out who tell me they got a 94% closing rate. I know for a fact this isn't true because that number is too high and is absurd.

Let me show you the natural way to get sales by utilizing NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). It is the art of using your voice inflection, body language, and how to guide the sales process to a close.

Stop spending a fortune on Facebook and Google ads. Did you know you can get your spending down to just 10 cents a click? Set up an account with us and get the same power of Geo-Targeted ads without the high price.

Customer Testimonials

We changed the game for these business owners -- think of what we can do for you!
Laura Curdy, Elegance by Design, Waterford, Michigan

Laura Curdy
Elegance By Design

"Working with Ted Cantu has been a fascinating experience. He is a walking wealth of information when it comes to marketing, sales and closing.
 He has been my trusted coach and mentor for the last 5 months. He over-delivers and has helped pump up my image and put me on the top of Google.
Hire him. It will change everything.

Brian Teets, Veteran Fence, Novi, Michigan

Brian Teets
Veterans Fence

"What Ever You Did Is Working -- I Am Slammed.... Will Be Back In August To Plan Our Next Move... I AM EXCITED!! ”

Joseph Dadich and Associates, Troy Michigan

Joseph Dadich 
& Associates

He took my sites and got them to page 1 of Google. The really exciting thing was the commercials we made on the Internet -- they are viral web commercials so that means that many people can access them on iphones, pocket PC's and the Internet.... thanks Ted!”

David Weber, Grey Wolf Innovations

David Weber
Grey Wolf Innovations

 “Holy Crap and *#@-Ing WOW!! You’re
sales copy just blew me away – You took
my core message and really brought it all together in such a short time – I can’t
thank you enough!”

Jerry Norton Equity Services, Auburn Hills, Michigan

Jerry Norton
Equity Services

 "I'm Really Excited To See Where My Company Is Going On The Web Thanks To Ted Cantu -- I'm Also Going to Retain Him As My Personal Coach Because He Is Always Ahead Of The Curve on Internet Marketing!! ”

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