HOT METRO FINDS: Agent Orange 2014 At The Double Door


Ted Cantu Reviews Agent Orange at the Double Door in Chicago. HOT METRO FINDS
Ted Cantu Reviews Agent Orange at the Double Door in Chicago. HOT METRO FINDS


…. Before I begin… here is the live version, big difference…. as you can see.

ROCKTOBERFEST 2014: Agent Orange Brings A Tidal Wave of Punk Goodness

CHICAGO: THE DOUBLE DOOR:  Chicago – Agent Orange – the poster read and underneath were big bold white lettering that said – “At The Double Door”. That is hypnotic – especially if you like punk music. The California based Agent Orange were the first punk band to integrate the surf sound back in 1979. They are legends in the pop culture crowd and I have been lucky enough to see them twice before so I figured one more time would be just about right. I had seen them in Detroit back in 1988 and they put on one hell of a show at Bookie’s. That was a rough crowd too. I actually remember seeing a 8 year old kid being served a pitcher of beer by some chick with a 2 foot red Mohawk. I remember the bassist having spurs on his boots which kind of freaked me out because the overall effect was so brutal.

It’s been years now. It’s 2014 but I got those fond memories of sonic punk precision peppered with madness. We’re all older now and yet – seeing that poster really drew me in closer. I like I said I was hypnotized by the notion of seeing them perform again.

The original member Mike Palm, or Agent Orange Mike as he’s known, was on stage and raring to go. There was a VIP version of the ticket and that got you in the door with some nice merch. There was a big banner on the back of the stage which had the Agent Orange logo and a stellar looking orange see-through orange drum kit that caught my eye. It was amped up and very loud. AO is still a trio and they really took off at a fantastic pace with a cover of, “Miserlou”.  This set the tone for the thrashing surf punk sound.

They sounded great and it was exciting to be butted up right against the front of the stage. Me and few other fans sort of stood there and awe. I took my usually spot stage left and managed to grab some nice shots of the band in action. There was a mosh pit with some rowdy types jumping around just for fun. Things didn’t get out of hand and the fans were in fairly good behavior. If things got a little much in the pit there was a balcony loft in the back of the club outfitted with couches and chairs. There wasn’t really a bad seat in the house .

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