Ted Cantu And Hot Metro Finds Covers Riot Fest In Chicago Humboldt Park

Chicago, IL – Before Labor Day 2014 has even passed department stores are stocking their shelves with Halloween candy and waiting for the end of the summer. That is the way things go in Metro Detroit. Michigan always rushes the next season and then embraces an excessively long holiday season. But its not like that in Chicago, oh no, not even close. The concert promoters know this and Chicago is going to usher out the summer season with a bang with Riot Fest 2014. This festival will be travelling from Denver, Chicago and Toronto.

RIOT FEST 2014 - Ted Cantu and HOT Metro Finds
RIOT FEST 2014 – Ted Cantu and HOT Metro Finds

Detroit based Hot Metro Finds is going to cover this three day event that will feature the biggest names in Alternative Rock music including The Cure, Television, Weezer, Janes Addiction, Gwar, Tegan and Sara, Social Distortion, The Buzzcocks, and more. In addition to the extensive roster Riot Fest has added some after hour shows in various locations in Chicago. This is going to be held in Humboldt Park and will also include a carnival, a food pavilion and places to relax during sets including a mini golf course. Ted Cantu will be covering the shows and featuring details about the set lists and song selections for the performances.

The idea to cover Riot Fest stemmed from pushing the limits on what an online magazine can do and what it can feature. The framework for Hot Metro Finds is that it is a full color newsletter with QR codes on it as well as a web site that covers art, entertainment and interesting pop culture articles that other weeklies won’t cover. That has led to a wide range of material such as the anniversary of the late BBC radio host John Peel and the recent Libertines reunion in the UK.

WEEZER Riot Fest 2014
WEEZER Riot Fest 2014

The Riot Fest tour is going to feature some great performances from a lot of alternative rock bands that get little or no airplay including Superchunk, Chumped, the Dandy Warhols, and the Murder City Devils. There will also be some amazing performances from the Flaming Lips with lead front man Wayne Coyne who recently recorded Sgt. Peppers  with Miley Cyrus and Moby.  This type of progressive music festival should happen in Detroit. It would bring in much needed revenue from a generation that has plenty of disposable income and could  bring new focus to Metro Detroit. But since it is not going to be in Metro Detroit the crew from Hot Metro Finds will cover it and bring the experience back home.


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