Detroit Hot Metro Finds: Online Business Notes – Ted Cantu

Looking for REAL WEB TRAFFIC to come to your websites from local buyers? Getting them to get to your site can be a problem – especially if you are buying web traffic from a vendor. We have eliminated phony clicks, expensive PPC and robot bots…. We specialize in REAL EYEBALLS coming to your site and checking out your offer.
We do this through social media and smart media placements on the web. We got a picture down below of 53 people per minute coming to our websites. Real people – Real People in Real Time.
The best thing is you do not have to do anything. We wire this up for you and send you people, businesses, and clients who are going to be interested in doing business with you around the clock.
We put this to the test for our brands….
In 24 hours we were able to generate the following:

* Clothing Manufacturers
* Record Labels
* Independent Business Owners
* Investors
* Retail Stores

And these are solid contacts. We are able to pull them in from all corners of the web and drive people to our websites in real time…. Whenever we want.

Hot Metro Finds - Web Traffic - No Bots - Just People
Hot Metro Finds – Web Traffic – No Bots – Just People

This stuff really works.

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