HOT METRO FINDS: the Replacements – TAKIN’ A RIDE !! 2014

Look, I could just give you, “Takin’ A Ride” which is featured in this clip but I’d rather give you the full show. Hence, I really am taking you for a ride – Replacements style – which means no holds barred. It’s full blown rock and roll and in your face….  This is one of the most unexpected comebacks in recent memory. A few years ago Paul Westerberg was pretty surly and for good reason — the guy broke his hand. I didn’t get the impression that he was ever going to play again so I let it go.

Years ago they famously broke up in Chicago at the Taste Festival but you all heard that story. Then, Slim Dunlap had a stroke which kind of took me by surprise. The history before that was just unfortunate and reckless when guitarist Bob Stinson died from drugs and alcohol. Then before that the band got booted off of Saturday Night Live for life and banned from 30 Rock in New York. Jimmy Fallon from the Tonight Show worked something out and got the back on TV in September. Big things were going to happen….

Hence… this tour…. so go get yourself a big drink…and enjoy it.

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