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THE RUINERS — LIVE IN ANN ARBOR We were there FIRST….!!!   This goes back to 2010 Ted Cantu returns to Ann Arbor and interviews THE RUINERS. Meet Rick Ruiner and the crew – this is straight no chaser, in your face MAXIUMUM ENTERTAINMENT and YES !!! we are UP ALL NIGHT! Shot in […]

RIOT FEST 2014 - Ted Cantu and HOT Metro Finds

Ted Cantu And Hot Metro Finds Covers Riot Fest In Chicago Humboldt Park

Chicago, IL – Before Labor Day 2014 has even passed department stores are stocking their shelves with Halloween candy and waiting for the end of the summer. That is the way things go in Metro Detroit. Michigan always rushes the next season and then embraces an excessively long holiday season. But its not like that […]

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Detroit Hot Metro Finds: Online Business Notes – Ted Cantu

Looking for REAL WEB TRAFFIC to come to your websites from local buyers? Getting them to get to your site can be a problem – especially if you are buying web traffic from a vendor. We have eliminated phony clicks, expensive PPC and robot bots…. We specialize in REAL EYEBALLS coming to your site and […]

THE CURE - Riot Fest - 2014 - Ted Cantu Hot Metro Finds

Keeping Up With Ted Cantu – Hot Metro Finds 2014

Finding us is easy if you know where to look. We have been doing THE SUMMER OF ROCK all summer long in 2014 and we are not going to quit. So far we have covered the Purple Rain 30th Anniversary Show at the Magic Bag with the Purple Xperience, The Cult at the Royal Oak […]

THE CURE - Riot Fest - 2014 - Ted Cantu Hot Metro Finds

TED CANTU – HOT METRO FINDS: The Cure Riot Fest 2014

CHICAGO  RIOT FEST 2014 – THE CURE – A Night Like This – Hot Metro Finds The CURE might be a little heavy to deal with first thing in the morning on day 3 of Riot Fest but I think the fans can handle it. This band has been with us since 1978 I think […]

THE CURE - Riot Fest - 2014 - Ted Cantu Hot Metro Finds

CHICAGO RIOT FEST 2014: The Cure – – Hot Metro Finds – Ted Cantu

CHICAGO RIOT FEST 2014: The Cure – In Between Days  – Hot Metro Finds CHICAGO, IL – The Cure – a band that has endured for decades. They were alternative before the term even existed and lived for years in isolation and secrecy in dorm rooms and college dance parties. Robert Smith, the enigmatic band […]

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TED CANTU: HOT METRO FINDS: Local Online Promotion Trumps Print and Traditional Advertising in Metro Detroit

Local Online Promotion Trumps Print and Traditional Advertising in Metro Detroit July 16, 2014 ) Detroit, Michigan – Up until recently there was no way to get really accurate online web traffic. Most service providers would sell web traffic based on regions. So this meant if a business was in Wixom, Michigan the actual online […]

THE CULT- 2014 - Alternative Rock - Metro Detroit


“YOUR SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING PROGRAM SUCKS BRO !!!”   Oh it does…. somebody open up a window. Its bad enough you live in Detroit. But nobody should be ripping you off like that. It would be nice to see your company on Google. maybe it will happen for you someday. 248-277-6141 We Can Fix That

WEEZER Riot Fest 2014

TED CANTU HOT METRO FINDS: Covering Riot Fest 2014

WHY ?  Why cover a rock festival for three days. WHY? Because the truth is always more interesting. We’re not going to grab our info from some other journalists written word and trust that its true. Heavens no. We are going into the front lines.. FOR THE PEOPLE. Ted Cantu and Hot Metro Finds Covers […]


Hot Metro Finds Reviews The Queen & Adam Lambert Tour In Auburn Hills, Michigan

August 21, 2014 ) Auburn Hills, Michigan – The recent Queen + Adam Lamberttour has turned into a runaway sensation. The tour has already played to half a million people in a whirlwind 24 city North American tour. 2014 is the year that classic rock really came back to the masses which is something that hasn’t occurred since […]