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“Heres How To Make This Money
Making Dental System Work For You!”

Up until now I was using all of this marketing knowledge for personal gain only for my company. Then it occurred to me that I have actually played every role in selling the following services:

* Veneers
* Crowns
* Adult Braces
* Oral Surgery
* Partials
* Dental Implants
  * Whitening Services
• Adv. Cosmetic Dentistry
• Root Canals
• Invisalign
* Lumineers
* And More...
...including selling the dental practices.

I have a very sophisticated way of selling these services both online and offline. I am including a system that speaks to all of these profit centers in print and in online communication. In the past I have these tactics to help boost my clients bottom line and also edge out the competition.

We have also added 30+ customers a month using these strategies and creating reoccurring revenue. Now I have packaged this up as a school for dentists who want to sell this marketing system to other dentists.

This program is scalable and the income potential is huge.
You have the ability to pick and choose the range of your services offered.

Now that you have seen everything I just have one question for you.

Would you prefer a monthly fee or would you like to
buy the system outright?

Also, would you like my guidance and copywriting / sales coaching to help you close your deals?

“Radical Secrets Of Direct Marketing -Players Revealed!”

You already understand dentistry as a profession but there is a serious element missing in this profession. That is the marketing of dentist goods and services. This problem exists on the web as well as offline.

You get to pick and choose what markets you want to serve in. We get you in front of lucrative markets and help you create serious income potential.

DID YOU KNOW: Google only accepts 18% of all websites?

There is an art to get in front of your ideal customer and its nothing to take lightly. The truth is most of your competitors do this poorly or not at all.

“Heres Is Why This Is Such An Incredible
Opportunity For You!”

SELLING THIS AS A DENTAL MARKETING SCHOOL is a no brainer and I am going to show – YOU HOW TO SELL IT! This program is loaded with plug and play marketing materials including:

* Websites – Optimized For Your Niche and Location
* Web Media Positioned To Rank With SEO
* Scripted Postcards, and Print Media
* Attention Grabbing Press Releases
* Media Systems Designed To Lock Down Local Markets
* Revenue Conscious Content To Drive Sales
* And More

I’m Ted Cantu ex-Art Director in Advertising and have worked in Chicago, New York City, Connecticut, and Detroit. I worked with the biggest brands including Coca Cola, Budweiser, Star Wars, WWE, Citibank, Pepsi, and Frito Lay. In addition I have also worked in direct response marketing, search engine optimization and created real impact for 64 industries.

Now I am showing dental offices how to tap into direct marketing systems for profit. This is a great side business and a fantastic way to create a money generating profit center.


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