Going For The Big $42 Dollar Keywords
Using Google's Technology Without Paying Ad Fees

DETROIT - When you start bidding on keywords for your search engine campaign you have to watch your prices. We just did a research project for luxury homes and found that the keywords can go as high as $42 apiece. That means that you can be paying that much every time someone clicks on your ad. This is going to add up pretty fast. This is a really dangerous game to play with if you do not know what you are doing.

What Kind Of Marketer Are You?
There are only two different kinds of marketers. You may be an
INTERRUPTION MARKETER which means you like to grab someone's attention through an ad. That person is not going to know who you are and you will have a tiny window to grab their attention. The other type of way to go is to be a RELATIONSHIP MARKETER. This one gives you more leverage and will enable you to create rapport. You will have to have an approach set in place.


People buy into stories. It is difficult to build any kind of sales by just interrupting people at the lowest price. No matter how you proceed you will have to have some stories about your company in place. This is where a lot of companies tend to blow it.

A lot of companies use bullet points to showcase their abilities. They fail to go into any detailed explanation about goods, and services. This is why so many companies will wait for months to get any real traction on SEO, (search engine optimization). We have found that when we deliver keyword-rich content in 4 pages or more on a subject we get indexed very quickly. Our record has been a phenomenal 24 hours! That means we were indexed and listed on page 1 of Google.

We started to do this with rock bands and film reviews for a magazine project. This started to work so well that we realized that there was a number system for our success. There was a keyword count, there were critical factors that Google was looking for to make our magic happen. We decided at that point to release it to businesses.

We knew that we could take any business to the top 5% of their desired local search pools. So if you are in a luxury market, we could make sure you would appear next to 5-star steak houses, luxury car dealerships, and jewelry stores.

Taking Out Paid Ads

Paid ads will typically only give you a limited number of text lines to work with. They also put you on a rotation. This means that every time someone does a search for your products or services you may OR MAY NOT show up.

Using the "Criss Cross" method we employ and web page media content, (and not blogs) will ensure that your media will stay up on the top search results. Not only that but you can stay in the conversation where that demographic lives and shops.


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