“It’s NEVER Been Harder To Get Your Advertising Messages Some Attention… And Here’s Why…..”

In today’s busy social-click-connected world every word you say must count. The mind of your buyer today is so busy and distracted you need to do something to stand out. Being bland doesn’t cut it. Doing what worked last year won’t make much of a difference either. You need to get this right…..

Saying less is now the new way of saying so much more. Your images matter and are the new tools for communication and to grab live eyeballs.

"ATTENTION: 35% Of All Web Traffic Is Totally FAKE !!!"

I blew the whistle on, “Big Shot Marketing Gurus” and reported that 35% of ALL WEB TRAFFIC being FAKE !! I am the marketing guy who brought in sales for 100’s of industries during one of the worst recessions in history.


  • We Took Home Improvement Companies and Turned Them To Multi-Million Dollar Earners - $6.2 Million !!!
  • We Created Multiple Brick and Mortar Locations For Our Clients
  • We Put Our Dentists Clients Into Early Retirement!
  • We Helped Our Medical Clients Sell Their Practice!


IMAGINE, What We Can Do For Your Business !!



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We have been testing companies just like yours on the web. We have built optimized websites and have seen them rank on Google in just a few days. We have not experienced any kind of, “sandboxing” or waiting period. Our news sites go right to the top of Google in just a few days in some cases !!

Once we installed an expansive blogging network we noticed incredible things happening. Our stories would rank on those sites in just a few days but that’s not the BEST part….. After our blogs have become established on Google our news items would get indexed and ranked in just a couple of hours on page 1 !!!

** Our new, “Social Media Commentary” section – Ad Vulture – popped up on Google – page 1 in just 7 hours. Our pictures were included in the images index. We offered news, comedy and fresh content and we ranked right up there with the big boys in a matter of hours !!!

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There is incredible sources of FREE web traffic tucked away in your social media lists. It is virtually endless. The secret to getting this free web traffic over to your site is news stories. You must be able to track your traffic through Google Analytics code to be able to see it. The exciting thing is we can actually see this type of web traffic trickle into our websites in – “REAL TIME” !!

We want to do this for you too. The trick here is that you need content that is going to be of interest to people. It usually works BEST when you use original content. That is why we hire writers, copywriters and PR people to create real online readership and real conversions.

Let me tell you – it is exciting to watch people flood into your website in REAL TIME.

  • 57   People Visiting Your Website Per Minute !!
  • 68   People Visiting Your Website Per Minute !!
  • 57 People Visiting Your Website Per Minute !!
  • You Can Turn This On and Off ANYTIME!!


Which is better? Facebook or Google+? The good news is that they are BOTH important and they each have a clever way to interact with the search engines. When these are properly connected to your website big things can happen.

This can also help propel your search engine rankings and KEEP YOU THERE for months… and years in some cases -- I kid you not!  Some of our clients have had their companies on page one of Google for well over a year.

This is fantastic news for you !! Now our job is to help your company keep those positions indefinitely and keep pumping new web traffic with real people to your websites.

In the Social Media world everybody wants a piece of the pie. In some ways Google+ is something of a rival for Facebook.

As these two giants battle for market share and ad revenue you can actually benefit. You can take advantage of this battle by giving both of them what they need while helping yourself to top search engine rankings.

We do this for you !

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Power Branding Is Great Value

We put your company on top rank positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing and you STAY there. Every month we plug in the right media that the search engines love and keep your brand front and center. As you begin to build your brand online it gains trust becomes the “Go To” destination in your industry.

It only gets better from there. We add video, social media, press releases, articles, and create real engagement so that your customers can interact with you. This is the part that is most important. You need stories and articles to create real value for your public. This also teaches you more about the public you serve. You will get to see what they are searching for, what they want from you, and how you can better service them.


Here is a screen shot of one of our clients. They sell roofing and windows. We positioned them to be number one in 50 markets and here is the beauty….. They have held their top ranking Google positions for a solid 22 months after we created the campaign. We didn’t really touch parts of the campaign after we built it because it was running along just fine.

When that happens you can shift strategies and focus on building the brand through people. We create news items and steer web traffic back to your website and brand. This is a powerful strategy and will keep you competitive.

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